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Oriane's Practice | Vegan Nutrition, Simplified | Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach
Plant-based Nutritionist

Vegan Nutrition, Simplified

My name is Oriane and I help Vegan Women balance their nutrition for:

Your life doesn't need to revolve around food to feel healthier, happier and more balanced.

I provide tailored solutions and long-term support for you to reach your goals in the simplest and most efficient manner. Say good-bye to uncertainty and fad diets!

I Simplify Nutrition for You

Hormonal health, regular period

Better hair, skin & nails

Sport nutrition, muscle and strength building

Sustainable weight loss/gain

Improved relationship with food, emotional eating management

Better energy, sleep, mood, focus, digestion


Have you been feeling off lately and suspect your nutrition to be the cause? You have come to the right place.

The American Dietetic Association states that vegetarian and fully vegan diets can be healthful and nutritionally adequate for all stages of life under one condition: that they are 'appropriately planned' (2009).


But...What does an appropriately planned diet look like FOR YOU?

I take the guesswork away for my clients so they can fully focus on taking efficient action and finally get results!

Vegan Bowl

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What you will gain from working together...

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The Human Nutrition essentials any vegan woman needs to understand to avoid deficiencies (calories, macronutrients,


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Clarity around your end goal, a realistic plan, better resilience and techniques to track your progress so you get to where you want to be faster

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How to meet your own nutritional requirements in a way that is both convenient and enjoyable to you

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An improved relationship with food and your body through techniques based on up to date research in nutrition psychology and physiology

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Synchronised hunger (ghrelin) and satiety (leptin) hormones to end daily cravings and facilitate weight management

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Vegan nutrition for sustainable weight loss, muscle building, and/or sport performance


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Happy Clients



“I started working with Oriane just over a month ago to tackle some issues I have had. I used to be vegan a couple of years ago but went back to vegetarianism because I had some issues with my B12 levels and was feeling very tired.

In addition to that I was struggling with emotional eating and had difficulties with my weight for years. I kept losing and gaining back 10kg every 6 months or so. I also wanted to go back to the gym but didn’t know where to start.

Oriane was very kind and helpful. She took the time to listen and explain to me the causes of my struggles which helped me to have a better understanding of what I was doing and what had to change.

I felt very supported during the process and now most of the issues I’ve had with my diet are practically gone! I already feel much better in my body and more confident in my diet.

I would definitely recommend Oriane to anyone because she is very patient and caring and her help has sorted out some struggles that I had been facing for years, in only a few weeks!”

Plant based Nutritionist

Who are my clients?

Women who chose plant-based eating for ethical or health reasons. They typically have an interest in nutrition, wellness and healthy living. They have tried it all, but don't get results!


These ladies begin working with me because they are tired of bunny hoping from a diet to another. They want it all: the food freedom, to look as good as they feel, and enough energy to conquer the world (or at least power through their day!). 

Philosophy & Process
your wellness in mind

Women are over strict food rules. They want to understand what they eat and what their body truly needs. We've seen the damages of diet culture on our generation, on our mothers, our little sisters. We aim for a more simple life, to live better and in alignment with our core values through our daily choices as consumers.

Oriane's Practice was opened with one goal in mind: supporting women who want to thrive eating plants.


My name is Oriane Le Roy

Vegan for 7+ years, and vegetarian for 16+ years, I graduated with a BSc(hons) in Nutrition, Exercise and Health in 2019.


I am deeply passionate about helping other women find their balance on a plant-based diet. My work is rooted in science-based evidence, and influenced by my personal experience.

If not at my desk, you can find me on a hike, at the gym, or doing yoga under somewhere outside...

Colorful Fruits

Questions? Get in touch!

I operate alone, please allow for 24h for me to get back to you.


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Online & in-person nutrition practice, based in Cairns, QLD, Australia

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